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Normal Hard Biscuits & Soda Biscuits (Cream Crackers)


Hard and soda biscuits A1Hard and soda biscuits A2Hard and soda biscuits A3Hard and soda biscuits A4Hard and soda biscuits A5Hard and soda biscuits A6

Normal Hard Biscuits: Generally the surface of the Normal Hard Biscuit has pin holes which are used for releasing the air from the dough during baking (it makes sure that the surface and bottom of the biscuit is smooth and flat). Its press pattern is clear and contains layers in the section structure. This type of biscuit is crisp and chewy.

Production Process: Row material preprocessing—Dough handling—Gauging—Forming—Baking—Cooling—Stacking—Packing—End Products


Hard and soda biscuits B2Hard and soda biscuits B1Hard and soda biscuits B3

Soda Biscuits: A unique characteristic of the Soda Biscuit is that a certain amount of yeast and sodium bicarbonate been added in the flour. After first mixing the dough it is fermented before adding an additional amount of flour and mixing again. After a short period of time for fermentation the dough can be used for making Soda Biscuits.