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Quality Biscuit, Cookie, & Cracker Equipment


Direct Heated Convection Oven


This convection oven type is used for the production of biscuits, cookies and cakes, pizzas and pies and many more products. It can use with diesel, marsh gas etc. as the fule. All of the waste gas will be exhaust out directly and will not come in contact with biscuits. This oven is designed with the recirculation fans and combustion chamber installed on top of each oven zone in the "penthouse" section. The air is heated in the combustion chamber and a fan forces/blows the heated air into the bake chamber through the Airflow Dispersion ductwork to ensure even baking. Baking is achieved using a re-circulating air technique. The oven is heavily insulated for up to 650 °F (340°C) operation.